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  • The Importance of Annual Gutter Cleaning & Inspection

    Here are three reasons why an annual gutter cleaning is even more important for Wisconsin residents:


    1. If your gutters are not cleaned before the freezing weather arrives, the ice could cause the gutter to crack.

    Heavy chunks of ice can also be potentially dangerous if they are falling from your roof and pose a hazard for pedestrians below.


    2. If gutter cleaning is not done before winter arrives, there will be no way for water to drain once the snow melts.

    Leaves, dirt, rainwater, slush and debris will clog the drainage system.


    3. Gutters are important for protecting your home, so it is vital to keep them in good condition.

    If they become too full of debris or other kinds of filth, water damage will occur around the exterior of your house where the gutter meets the foundation.

  • Properly maintained gutters are a necessity. They protect your home by diverting water away from it to prevent costly damage. If they haven't been cleaned recently -- or ever -- there's a good chance they're filled with debris, which can make them less effective.


    There are multiple benefits to having professional gutter cleaning completed each year. Not only does it save the homeowner time, it also relieves the stress of wondering if the job was done right.

    When you call for gutter cleaning and inspection, experts will be able to determine if any parts of the gutter system need to be replaced or repaired. If gutters are cracked, they can assess how severe it is and what kind of damage might occur. They can spot holes that need patching, small sections that need replacing, and even cracks in downspouts.


    Gutter cleaning professionals can also provide gutter repair services if needed. Depending on how old your gutters are and the quality of the materials used when they were installed, it's possible for them to wear out over time. When this happens, experts will be able to assess the sections that are worn out, what kind of damage is occurring, and if any parts need to be replaced. They can also clean debris from the gutter repair area after it's been repaired.


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