• Gutter Installation Kenosha

  • Is it time to have your gutters replaced?

    At Top Gutters we aim to get your gutters up and working great in a short time so that no matter what weather is on the way, you can rest easily knowing your gutters are secure and ready. 


    We’ll take the following steps prior to installation of a new gutter system will be a success:


    First, we’ll choose the best location to redirect the water away from your foundation to an inconspicuous area of your property. 


    Next, we’ll verify that the gutter system is the right fit for your house and that everything lines up. Our technicians can quickly identify mis-matches so that problems don’t arise later.


    We’ll then check to see if any extra downspouts or outlets to your gutter system are needed. We’ll identify the best locations so that you don’t have water gushing in front of your house or into walkways. Our technicians are trained to take into account both safety and aesthetics.


    The gutters will be installed in sections so that we can verify each individual space before moving on to the next. This helps us to make sure everything lines up perfectly and allows us to make any small adjustments as necessary. Once everything’s in place, we’ll protect your roof and seal everything so that there are no leaks and it looks great.


    The last installation step is to install the downspouts. This process is relatively easy as they have already been cut and measured, and we have verified each section of the gutter as we went along.


    Finally, we clean up and discard old gutters and materials. There will be no trace of us except for your shiny new gutter system.

    There are a variety of gutter materials to choose from to match the style of your home. It's important to note, however, not all materials work well in cold climates.  


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    Top Gutters recommends the following gutter materials to last through Wisconsin's extreme climate variables:


    Aluminum Gutters

    Aluminum is the most common gutter material in Wisconsin and offers several advantages over other types. It is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and available in a wide range of colors. Aluminum gutters are versatile and can work with all styles of home exterior. A huge benefit is, it is often the least expensive gutter material available.


    Stainless Steel Gutters

    Virtually indestructible, stainless steel gutters shine for years on end, won’t rust, and are pretty well accepted as one of, if not the strongest materials in the industry. Homeowners looking for a polished, modern look often opt for stainless steel. The one drawback is price. These gutters will run 2x-to-4x as much as gutters manufactured from aluminum, so be prepared to shell out more cash if you go this route.


    Copper Gutters

    Like steel, copper gutters are virtually indestructible. Though not as common as other materials, copper gutters are an extremely upscale and attractive choice, but, of all materials, are the most expensive option. Copper gutters tend to take on a greenish hue after some years, however this upscale and rustic look is desirable for many homeowners.