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  • Replace Damaged Sections of Gutters

    If you have a single section of gutters that is dented or damaged, it can be easy to overlook. However, if left unfixed, that single section can cause major problems to your entire drainage system. Broken gutters lead to water damage that can cost you a ton of money, look awful, and even be a safety hazard. It’s important to get it inspected and fixed quickly. Some common problems include needing your gutters re-sealed or re-leveled.


    Check to see if your gutters are 100% level. Even slightly tilted, uneven gutters can lead to problems. Gutters can become uneven for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that they were installed incorrectly. More likely, it was caused by ice or water pooling up due to dirt and leaves, weakening the supports of the gutters and causing them to shift slightly. Also, over time homes naturally settle and even slight changes can result in uneven gutters. Gutters that are uneven won’t move water as quickly and may have water pooling on one side that only continues to wear away gutters, possibly even collapsing (as in the photo below).


    Our technicians are experienced and use their high-quality tools and materials to ensure that your gutters are leak-free. The sealant that’s used is durable and water-resistant so that future rains won’t open it back up. The process is fairly quick and your gutters will be leak-free in no time!

    Repair Damaged Gutters Kenosha


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